Welcome to our new, mobile friendly site


Welcome to Sofway News

Welcome to our mobile friendly website
Our website now adapts dynamically to any device/screen size.
Technical blip fixed
Apologies for our entire website and email system being down for 3 days, it's all fixed now, everything back to normal. It all went wrong because of DNS changes, the domain addressing system for the Internet could not find our location, we were still here, but nobody could find us.
Social Logins
We're excited to announce the arrival of a new feature on our site: social logins. Now you can login to Sofway with Facebook or with Google. If there are enough requests we will also add login with Twitter.
Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac

Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac

Parallels are offering a free upgrade to Parallels 6 if you recently bought Parallels 5.

Sofway website launched November 2009

We're working day and night to launch product sales in time for Christmas shopping.

Please check back soon for the best prices on Windows 7 and Windows XP!

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